Release and Renew Sanctuary


Welcome to Your Path of Healing and Empowerment!

Join our exclusive monthly membership program, a nurturing sanctuary designed for women who are on a journey of profound healing and self-discovery. This program offers a rich variety of healing modalities including Reiki, yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound healing, and ancestral healing through Akashic records. Tailored to meet the unique needs of each member, it provides a supportive and empowering environment. You’ll have access to experienced practitioners, a community of like-minded women, the flexibility of moving at your own pace. This membership is an invitation to a transformative experience that nurtures body, mind, and spirit, fostering continuous growth and learning in a holistic way.


What You'll Experience:

  • Monthly Virtual Reiki and Somatic Gathering: Join us in powerful group healing sessions. These sessions combine Reiki energy work with somatic practices, focusing on releasing, renewing, and rebalancing your inner self.
  • Guest Healer Workshops: Explore unique workshops led by guest healers. These sessions bring diverse healing modalities, enhancing your journey with their specialized knowledge.
  • New Moon and Full Moon Guidance: Align with the lunar cycles. Receive insights and rituals during the new and full moons, aiding your personal growth and reflection
  • Exclusive Member Perks: As a member, enjoy special discounts on all offerings, including future courses, programs, and one-on-one sessions.
  • Community of Women: Connect with a network of like-minded women. Share experiences and grow in a secure and nurturing environment.
  • Replay Access: Never miss out! Get access to replays of all gatherings and workshops, ensuring a complete experience in your healing journey.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Trauma Healing: Address and heal past traumas in a supportive setting.
  • Reclaiming Your Body: Engage in practices that reconnect and honor your body.
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries: Learn to establish and maintain boundaries for empowerment.
  • Reparenting the Inner Child: Find peace by healing and nurturing your inner child.
  • Shadow Integration: Embrace and integrate your shadow for a more holistic sense of self.
  • Chakra Balancing: Experience the healing and balancing of your seven energy centers, enhanced by Reiki and other modalities






Meet Your Facilitator

Founder & Facilitor

Hi I’m Carline, Your Guide

I’m a Mom, trauma survivor and stroke survivor. I was my first teacher and healer as I rebuilt my life brick by brick. I found myself in a space of hopelessness while attempting to rise from my own trauma.

I found healing when I chose to get comfortable with fear. The fear and shame that was rooted inside of me became my teacher.

It was a  reckoning. A journey of breaking and belonging where I finally found freedom and the courage to stand in my own power to self-liberate.  I was exactly where you are now.  We are all our own teachers/healers. I’m here to guide you and hold you in love.




Questions before you sign up?


Q &A

Will this be in person or online?

Online, LIVE! So you can tune-in from anywhere in the world

As a founding member, how long will I keep the same subscription price?

If you purchase the annual option, you will get to keep the same rate  as long as you renew each year. If you take the monthly subscription and decides to cancel at one moment, you will lose the ability to join at the founding member price ($33/month).  In both cases, if you cancel, you would have to rejoin at the curent price being offered.

Is this space truly a safe space?

My top commitment in my work is to create a space where you feel completely safe and supported. My approach in facilitating, coaching, teaching, and guiding is deeply rooted in an understanding of trauma, informed by my own journey through PTSD and C-PTSD. I understand, on a very personal level, how vital it is to foster and preserve a space of safety. Above all, I embrace and respect all aspects of individuality, without any discrimination or judgment towards different disorders, behaviors, appearances, or racial backgrounds.

Can I cancel anytime?

If you have purchased the monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time before your next monthly payment due.

Do you provide a refund?

Due to the nature of the circle/membership, no refunds will be given for any reason.

Who can join?

Everyone who identifies as a woman and seeks a journey of growth, learning, and healing is warmly invited to join us. Whether you’re looking to acquire new knowledge, reconsider old beliefs, or let go of what no longer serves you, this is a space for you. Here, you’ll find support and safety, both within yourself and your body. It’s a place to connect, transition from rigidity to fluidity, and most importantly, to enjoy and play. You are all welcome with open arms!


I'm currently in therapy. Can I still join?

Absolutely, yes! While this isn’t a substitute for therapy, it can be an incredibly supportive addition to your healing journey. Healing often happens within the embrace of safe relationships, and this community is designed to be just that – a nurturing and safe space for growth and healing.

I'm a therapist. Can I still join?

Certainly! We’re all human and in need of support and a sense of community. I deeply appreciate that therapists have one of the toughest roles, and it’s important for us, too, to find support, take time to rest, and be part of a nurturing community.

Still have more questions? Connect with me for a complimentary call.